Mr. Michael Wilson, CAFM

University of Iowa

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University of Iowa


I am a veteran of the Marine Corps and I have a Bachelors and Master's degree from Iowa State University.  My undergraduate major was in Transportation and Logistics.  My Master's degree in is in Business Administrative Sciences.

I published a paper on Truck Driver Satisfaction Across Career Stages in the Transportation Journal.

My first job in Transportation was as a dispatcher for a truckload carrier. I spent just over two years as a dispatcher. I then moved to an Appliance manufacturer where I tracked carrier performance and freight claims.  I then moved to a position as the Fleet Manager for their private truck fleet.  I did that for about two years before becoming the Fleet Manager for the University of Iowa. 

I have been the Fleet Manager at the University of Iowa for over 20 years. 

Our fleet consists of about 600 vehicles ranging in size from compact sedans to 26' straight trucks.  We have a maintenance facility, and on-site fuel and I am responsible for both.  I set our shop rate and our fuel surcharge. 

We buy and sell about 100 vehicles annually.  We have both a daily rental fleet and a permanently assigned fleet. I set both of those rates.