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    Posted in: Corporate Fleets

    ​Good afternoon, If your company has implemented a telematics, how long has your company used the program? Have you seen a reduction in claims? If so, has it been with a particular claim type? Additionally, what functions of telematics are you using ...

  • ​Looking brand preference and information that might help us choose which brand to consider for 100" platforms. We are at the end of our apparatus process for procuring two trucks and have two brands as finalist, Eone and Peirce both are bids are apples ...

  • Posted in: LEG

    ​We would like to go with Ford Explorer Interceptor hybrid in place of our current EcoBoost Ford Explorers because of the fuel savings approximately 5mpg and 0-60 mph is greater than the EcoBoost. Although, that's our preference, and what works for us, ...

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