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    RE: Odors in vehicles

    Posted in: Corporate Fleets

    Hi Wayne, We have had a lot of issues with our drivers leaving vehicles in a horrible state including terrible smells.  I definitely suggest including verbiage in your updated policy about it.  Ours is in our expected use and care of the vehicle section.  ...

  • Posted in: Corporate Fleets

    Hi Christy, This has been a hot topic for us this year.  We more or less follow the same process as Sharon posted. Our drivers are required to enter Busines and Personal mileage into our FMC software. Through our FMC our drivers receive notifications ...

  • Posted in: Corporate Fleets

    Christy - We as well have the drivers record their business/personal mileage monthly via mobile app or via lapt top to the FMC's website.   Our FMC reminds the drivers 1 time to put in their monthly miles and 1 reminder that same month for those drivers ...

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