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    As we see more questions about DOT regulations, I know there will ultimately be questions about training, compliance, enforcement and etcetera. Two weeks ago, I completed the 5-Day DOT Compliance Training provide by Smith Systems and feel that it is ...

  • Posted in: Government Fleets

    Good afternoon, Yes, we are down with repairs. We have 7 spare units, all out in the field due the repairs. ------------------------------ Joseph Blackwell Fleet Director Lake County Board of County Commissioners Groveland, FL ------------------- ...

  • Posted in: General Forum

    Done. ------------------------------ Ross Jackson, CAFM Fleet Operations Superintendent City of Fayetteville Arkansas ------------------------------

  • Posted in: General Forum

    Good morning Seth, We have faced challenges with Fire Apparatus in Kirkland. Having a number of older Engines (18+ years) and being one tech short, plus the increasing outside repair cost have created the perfect storm. We be receiving three new Engines ...

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