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    Hi Paul, I sent you an email. ------------------------------ Kevin Hejna Senior Financial Management Analyst Hennepin County, MN Transportation Operations Department Hamel, MN ------------------------------

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    This is very helpful. Thank you. I'm with you on the tire wear as the new Ford Lightning is nearly 3 tons compared to about 2 tons for the conventional unit. However, will those regen brakes really have less wear? I appreciate the base unit compared ...

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    Hey Paul, My utility is about to start some work with a consultant about sustainability and adoption of EV or Hybrid for our fleet in a utility scenario. If you're willing to, I'd be interested to hear about your data as well. ------------------------------ ...

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    Mobile Car Wash Services

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    Hello, Do any of you know of trusted national mobile car wash chains. Asking for a friend. Thank you, Erin ------------------------------ Erin Rugg Senior Vice President Marketing & Business Development Transport Solutions of America Woodstock, ...