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  • 1.  Business Management

    Posted 10-23-2023 14:33


    I am currently on my second certificate (Business Management) of my CAFM journey. While my first seemed to go well and I was able to follow and understand the material I am finding Business Management to be far more daunting and difficult to absorb. I watched the Mini Boot Camp video but am looking for additional material or resources to help me better understand and prepare for the exam. I am finding my style of learning is not conducive to simply reading a textbook and worry about my future success in the CAFM. I was not able to find a thread dedicated to Business Management. If you can help I look forward to any tips. Thanks in advance

    Michael Foley
    Picton, ON

  • 2.  RE: Business Management

    Posted 10-23-2023 17:59

    Hello Michael,

    Business Management is in my opinion one of the most challenging disciplines.

    That being said the study guides helped me get a strong foothold on preparing for each exam, especially since the reference guides are so expansive. Using the study guides did a good job of helping me take more precise notes on the most important key elements within the reference guides.

    Also, when I was studying for my exams, I found that my self-study habits required a greater level of focus and isolation in order for me to really retain the information and get my thoughts straight. If you can, I know it isn't always possible but, make sure your study area and time is free from any outside distractions.


    Chuck Cramer Jr., CAFM is offering a CAFM Office Hours session on this subject next month on November 16th registration link is below.

    I would highly recommend taking the time to attend and have plenty of questions ready for Chuck to help answer.


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  • 3.  RE: Business Management

    Posted 10-24-2023 14:13

    Hi Michael,

    I plan to do the Business Management module next so I don't have any specific feedback for that area but I will share my strategies for the other 4 exams I have completed.   I complete the study guide and then create flashcards in Brainscape to study.  I also use an app called Speechify which reads the reference guide and the study guide questions/answers out loud. I find that listening to the boot camps and the other reference materials during my daily commute helps me retain the material better.   I started with the exams that I thought would be easiest and got those out of the way first. So if there are other areas you feel strong in, it is helpful to take them first so you are confident in the material and also get a good feel for how NAFA sets up the exams.  As Bradley mentions, setting aside dedicated study time is key.  My commutes are dedicated to listening and then I try to set aside a couple hours a week to study as well. I put it on my calendar to make sure I am free during that time. I have also attended the Office Hours and find them to be helpful as well.  

    Note: Brainscape is a flashcard app that you can use to create your own flashcards, but you can also study card decks from other users. Quizlet is another app that is similar.  Feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions about the apps. I have found them to be incredibly helpful.  

    Good luck!

    Jannah Waters
    Assistant Fleet Services Director
    City of Mesa, AZ Fleet Services Department
    Mesa, AZ

  • 4.  RE: Business Management

    Posted 10-24-2023 14:39

    Michael, if you have any specific questions on the material, I would be willing to chat. Those legal concepts can be harder to remember! Kate

    Katherine Vigneau, CAFM
    Director of Professional Development

  • 5.  RE: Business Management

    Posted 10-25-2023 09:54
    Edited by Bo Villarreal, CAFM 10-25-2023 09:54

    Hi Michael,

    Business Management was my most difficult exam to pass and studying was an absolute slugfest till the end. It's doable but required much more study effort than all of the other exams. I'm not sure if you're completing the study guide but there is no way that I would have passed the exam without completing 100% of it. 

    Eventually I got to a point where I simply had to stop studying because I couldn't absorb/retain any new content and was spinning my wheels. I apprehensively took the exam and to my shock, I passed with a  score of 41/50.

    Once you pass this exam, it will be much easier going forward. 

    Bo Villarreal, CAFM
    Supervisor Fleet Maintenance
    CPS Energy (TX)
    San Antonio, TX

  • 6.  RE: Business Management

    Posted 10-25-2023 11:17

    Use the study guide to review the reference guide.  

    For example : From the study guide read 1.1.1 What are the three types of contracts classified by formation? (p. 22)

    Read page 22 from the reference guide.  

                           Types of Contracts

    A contract is a promise or set of promises for which the law provides a
    remedy for breach or which the law recognizes a duty for performance.
    There are three types of contracts classified by formation:
    Express Contracts: Express contracts are formed by language,
    oral or written;
    Implied Contracts: Implied contracts are formed by conduct;
    Quasi-Contracts: Quasi-contracts are not actually contracts,
    but are constructed by courts to avoid unjust enrichment. Thus,
    if one party sends a payment to the wrong party accidentally,
    the paying party could sue under the quasi-contract theory for
    the return of the funds even if there was no contract and the
    receiving party accepted the funds without realizing the mistake.
    The intent is to avoid unjust enrichment. 

    Create a Flash Card on or quizlet for each study guide question, or create a PPT with the question followed by an animation where the answer appears on the next click of your mouse.  

    Do something similar for every study guide questions.  

    Review every study guide question once daily for a week.  

    Take the exam. 

    Hope this helps.  Keep up the pursuit. 

    Timothy E. Coxwell CAFM CPFP CEM
    Fleet Management Division Director
    Leon County Sheriffs Office
    Tallahassee, Florida

  • 7.  RE: Business Management

    Posted 11-06-2023 21:28

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to reach out and provide study tips for completion of the Business Management Certificate.

    I am happy to say that I implemented many of the tips I received and successfully completed the course.

    On to Finance now.

    Thanks again. 

    Michael Foley
    Picton, ON

  • 8.  RE: Business Management

    Posted 11-07-2023 11:37

    Congratulations Michael! Onward and upward! Keep it up