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  • 1.  AM Practice Test Question

    Posted 07-29-2020 15:21

    Hello Everyone!

    I am sure those of you studying for certification have heard that one of the best strategies for studying is to answer the Practice Test Questions (PTQs).   Each module has some and you can find them at the end of the Study Guides.  These are not questions that will be on the exams but they are representative of the style and difficulty of actual test questions.

    Below is a PTQ from the Asset Management Module.

    Which type of fleet would be most likely to use a Fleet Management Company for vehicle commissioning?   
    A.  Police Fleet
    B.  Utility Fleet
    C.  Corporate Fleet
    D.  University Fleet

    Scroll down for the answer

    C.  Corporate Fleet.  You can find out why this is the correct answer on page 81 of the Asset Management Guide 

    Good luck in your studies and please let me know if I can assist with any Asset Management questions.  

    Michael Wilson
    Fleet Services Manager
    University of Iowa
    Iowa City IA
    (319) 335-5088