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  • 1.  Study Tips

    Posted 11-17-2023 10:03

    Recently, in the CAFM Candidate thread, there were some great suggestions for study tips regarding Business Management Module. Jannah Waters, from the City of Mesa, said she used the app Speechify to read aloud the study material and Brainscape to create flash cards. For me personally, I feel the need to rewrite the information I want to memorize by hand. I also learned during my graduate degree studies, that the best way for adults to retain information, is to relate the material to your personal experience. So, I recommend as you are reading through the material, try to relate the material to your own experiences or similar concepts you understand. For those concepts you don't quite understand or relate to, you will want to spend a little more time on the subject. You could also use the discussion forum, reach out to other peers, or others in the industry to ask questions and get a better understanding. Another key to retaining information, is the desire for the new information to meet your needs. So, as you start each module think about some goals you want to achieve for that particular modules and how it could help you in the future, and then reflect at the end of each study session what you have learned. I also highly recommend using the bootcamps to aid in your studies, like CAFM Virtual – NAFA, CAFM Live – NAFA and any other webinar opportunities that may come available. I am sure our CAFM enrollees would love to hear some other recommended methods others have used or are using to assist in their studying.

    Sara Burnam, MLS, CAFM
    Director, Fleet Management
    Palm Beach County, FL