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CAFM Study Tips - Where do I start???

  • 1.  CAFM Study Tips - Where do I start???

    Posted 08-07-2020 12:54
    You've enrolled in NAFA's CAFM program. Now what????

    My name is Alicia Hammond and I am the committee chair for NAFA's Certification Content Committee. You have undertaken a monumental but rewarding challenge. Congratulations!!!

    Getting started can seem overwhelming to say the least. A good way to set yourself up for success is to begin with a study module that you have experience with in your everyday work life. Is it asset management? Risk management? Fuel management? Which fleet discipline are you comfortable with?

    Select your first module and read through the study materials. Easy, right? OK. It does take a good bit of time. Once you have read the guide, complete the answers to the questions in the study guide. Establish a routine for yourself and review the completed study guide at a time of day that works best for you. There is no need to review the complete guide in one sitting.

    Once you are familiar with the materials, sign up for your first online test. Will you pass? Let's make that a yes!

    Does anyone have some study tips they would like to share?

    Alicia Hammond CAFM
    Fleet Manager
    LeasePlan USA