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COVID-19 and Risk Management

  • 1.  COVID-19 and Risk Management

    Posted 03-19-2020 11:17
    We have a new incident for which we must consider in our Risk Management practices.

    Depending on your geography your exposure to COVID-19 may be high or low, however the mandates being issued by Mayors, Governors, and our President can affect us all. 

    Is a pandemic virus covered under your insurance policies? 

    What types of incident does your business interruption insurance cover? 

    Will the present mitigation and prevention techniques become FMOs? 

    How will the cost of protecting employees affect staffing levels and the hard and soft cost of your operation? 

    Will governments have to raise taxes to fund the cost of pandemic prevention efforts going forward? 

    Has anyone seen John Spartan and where can I buy the three shells? 

    What say you? 

    How have these events which we discussed lightheartedly weeks ago changed your world?

    Timothy E. Coxwell CAFM CPFP
    Fleet Management Division Director
    Leon County Sheriffs Office
    Tallahassee, Florida